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5 Steps to a Big Decision:

How to make a decision you won't regret - two months or two years later

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Isn't it time you enjoyed your life both at work and at home?

You're a busy professional with one big dream: to love what you are doing again.

You miss that feeling you used to get while you were working. The satisfaction of a job well done and the adrenaline rush of closing deals or meeting your goals for the month.

Somewhere along the way that job that used to fire you up does nothing but put your fire out.

You feel defeated.


You need help turning it all around and you need it now.

That's where I come in.

I'm Jill Dahl, founder of Secondhand Therapy, and I'm a coach on a mission.

You can reconnect with your authentic self.

You can make brave decisions with no regrets that will ultimately get you back to loving your life again.

I know you can have more happiness and calmness in your life. You just need to embrace the way you are wired and recognize where your values may have shifted over time.

Through my one-on-one coaching, you'll discover:

  • How to thrive at work and home without compromising who you are

  • The secret to knowing if you are the problem or if "they" are

  • Simple techniques to determine the brave (and best) decision in your situation

  • Areas where you may be sabotaging yourself or holding yourself back from who you truly are

My experience in the corporate finance world, combined with many hours with my therapist over the years, has given me insights into how to help you minimize the chaos and get unstuck.

I lead with strategy and I make sure that you have the opportunity to see options you may not have identified before.

This isn't a lay on the couch and talk to the ceiling while the therapist nods and "mmhmmms" in agreement.

In fact, it's not therapy at all.

Secondhand Therapy offers unique solutions for busy people who don't have the time to spend hours in therapy or aren't interested in diving too deep into their emotions.

You WILL feel empowered and brave.

You WILL gain clarity and courage.

Read more about how you can work with me here.

My clients have:

  • Resolved major personality conflicts at work that were causing serious problems

  • Found the courage to leave a toxic situation

  • Reclaimed their confidence and sense of self-worth that was lost due to a bad experience

  • Overcome being fearful of making the wrong decision (no matter how high the stakes were!)

  • Developed scripting for difficult conversations they had been avoiding

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