You used to love Leaning In, but life has thrown you a curveball.

It is scary to feel that you have lost your footing…that you don’t trust yourself anymore…that fear or exhaustion are dictating your decisions.

You’re here because you’re ready to get back to your authentic self.

Rediscover what makes you happy.

Find your courage and take back control of your life.

You’re ready to say goodbye to the days of being constantly overworked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed and say hello to feeling empowered, courageous, and happy again.

Me? Well, I’m here to help.

I’m Jill Dahl, founder of Secondhand Therapy, and I teach others how to make courageous decisions and go after the life they’ve always wanted with the guidance and support they need to thrive. My mission in life is to help busy, overwhelmed people find a better way to live.

I’ve been in your shoes before. With my Triple Type-A Personality and my stilettos, I thought that happiness awaited me at the top of the corporate ladder.

The more I worked, the faster I climbed to reach my joyous destination.

But – I was so wrong.

I first connected with my beloved therapist (who LOVES that I created Secondhand Therapy based on our sessions) about 10 years ago when I realized I wasn’t coping with life. Therapy worked for me and I started feeling better. I thought I had it all figured out.

Years later, I had a year from hell and my life felt like it had completely fallen apart. I suddenly started having panic attacks at work and couldn’t pull myself together like I had always been able to do.

Out of desperation, I reconnected with my therapist to resume our regular sessions. My body was literally forcing me to deal with things that I had pushed aside for years.

I had completely disconnected from my true self. I had to learn how to feel feelings, how to be vulnerable and how to be compassionate to myself.

I won’t lie…the process of embracing my emotions and values was completely overwhelming. There were many times that, after my therapy session, I felt like I was falling apart. But I was experiencing such significant progress in my personal life I kept going back for another session.

By the following year, I felt once again that I had it all figured out. I got another promotion and I was ready to keep climbing the corporate ladder. I wasn’t yet willing to admit to myself how agonizing it was to keep fitting myself in a smaller and smaller box.

In the fall of 2013, my body rebelled once again. I experienced a major health issue that required me to take 6 weeks off of work. By then I realized that I had to make a different choice.

After I quit my corporate job managing a billion-dollar book of business and 40 employees for Canada’s largest bank, I set out to create a different life for myself.

I knew that this next phase of my life had to be based on courageous decisions that would allow me to be my happiest, most authentic self. I had already paid too high of a price for ignoring my own needs.

I firmly believe that the first place to start is by helping people reconnect with who they are—outside of the busyness.

You are more than your never-ending to-do list, full appointment book, and corporate attire.

With the help of Secondhand Therapy, you’ll reconnect with your authentic self and make lasting, positive changes that will lead you to your dream life.

I get that you don’t want to go through the same deep, often overwhelming, emotional journey that I went through with my therapist. You need actionable steps that are going to give you back some confidence and resilience so you can make better decisions.


What Does Secondhand Therapy Mean?

I couldn’t help but talk with my friends and colleagues about everything that I was learning from my therapy sessions over the years. It got to the point that they would ask me what I had learned from my therapist about a certain topic. My friends said that I should start charging for the advice I was giving as a result of my therapy sessions.

One evening a couple of years ago, I was joking with my friend Esther about going on a book tour together in 20 years. Esther informed me that my book should be called “Secondhand Therapy,” based on all of the secondhand therapy I had given over the years.

Fast forward to 2014. I had walked away from my big corporate job and I realized that I could take a chance and do what I was secretly dreaming about.

Instead of simply writing a book, I wanted to start a movement that gave busy people permission to move out of survival mode.

I wanted to invest my heart and soul into what came as natural to me as breathing: teaching others to understand themselves better and how to enjoy life again.

I’ve already done the heavy, messy emotional work in my life. You may not be ready yet – and may not even need such a path.

I use my knowledge and my experience and shorten the learning curve for you to guide you through decisions to find your happy life again.


Are you ready to start your journey with me and the Secondhand Therapy community?

If you are a DIY person, you will love the Tough Conversations email coaching series.

If you need some personalized coaching to help you move towards a better life, I’d love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit for each other.

If you aren’t ready quite yet, make sure you have downloaded my free 30 page eBook, Start Investing in Your Emotional Wellbeing: 25 Practical Tips to Help You Move Past Survival Mode.


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More about me.

My professional credentials include a degree in Education, 5 years as a high school English and Home Economics teacher, and 10 years in the financial industry. I have experience handling complex Human Resource situations, as well as project management. I have also built and taught dozens of courses in a variety of disciplines, as well as have extensive coaching experience. I know how to create change.

I strive to feel Inspiring, Dynamic, Courageous, Discerning, and Magnanimous as often as possible (thanks, Danielle LaPorte!). I define Magnanimous as generous of spirit, coming from a position of strength. Each day is a balancing act of giving and self-care.

In my spare time, I unwind with walks by the ocean with my husband or laughing with my friends over a glass of wine. I’ve traveled extensively and if I were to move away from Vancouver, BC, Canada, I’d probably divide my time between New York City and Barcelona.

Other things that make me happy include cooking comfort food in my kitchen, watching old movies, crocheting badass things for my nieces and nephews, reading, weekend brunches, and learning bizarre skills such as fencing or aerial silks.

If you love secretly stalking others, I regularly post on Instagram the candid moments of my life.


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