Cheat Sheet: Healthy Work Lunches

I confess: while working in the financial service industry I ate the same thing at lunch for almost 3 years straight. Greek yogurt and granola; hardly enough fuel to last for the long afternoon ahead of me.

Now that I work from home, I make myself healthy, substantial lunches and I can’t imagine going back to existing on yogurt and granola for a mid-day meal. I realize that most of you don’t have the luxury of preparing a wholesome meal at home during lunch time, but it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of properly fueling your body.

Don’t even get me started on the necessity of breakfast!!! Drink a smoothie if you hate eating in the morning; but DON’T skip fueling up for the day ahead. Would you try driving your car to work in the morning without any gas in it? No, because it would wreck the engine. Same goes for your body.

Anyways, back to lunches!

We can talk all we want about managing stress at work, but unless you are feeding your body properly, all of the coping mechanisms in the world aren’t enough protection against low blood sugar.

I understand that the biggest challenge for most of us is failing to plan for healthy food options. We wait until we are hungry, and then make a mad dash for the nearest fast food option, we are hardly setting ourselves up for success.

I’ve created a Cheat Sheet for Healthy Work Lunches, broken down by what constraints you may have (no fridge, eating from your car, etc). Each category has several suggestions and links to some really yummy recipes. You will notice that most of these suggestions contain protein and healthy fat…two important factors in keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the afternoon.

With a little bit of planning, I can assure you that you won’t be ending your work day “hangry” and unable to deal with life. Your colleagues (and family!) will thank you…but more important you are choosing to invest in taking better care of yourself.

Click below to download your cheat sheet now!


Cheat Sheet for Healthy Lunches – Secondhand Therapy


By the way, if you want to learn more about nutrition (and the emotional addiction with food), listen to my friend Ali Shapiro’s podcast, Insatiable. Ali’s signature approach is called “Truce with Food” and she is the first health coach I have talked to that preaches self compassion and understanding our triggers with food, just as much as the science behind what you eat (I learned what macros are from her podcast). She has a background in functional medicine and holistic nutrition, is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for Psychology of Eating, and has her Masters degree in Coaching. She’s the real deal.

Check out her latest episode: How to be kind to yourself when wearing your fat pants. iTunes recently featured it on their “New and Notable” section…which is kinda a big deal in the podcasting world!


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