Your inbox just became your new source of calm.

(no need to tell your boss)

Little Kid You: Email Coaching Program

What exactly is email coaching?

An opportunity to hash out your struggles and muck around in the space where your fears, values, strengths, and passions intersect. This is all accomplished through email sessions, instead of talking to me live on the phone or via Skype like traditional coaching.

This is the perfect option for busy professionals who aren't ready to commit time to live sessions. You can check your email on your time, write to me about your struggles at your own pace and really reflect on what you want to say.

Since we handle all of this through email, I am able to keep the cost down…so if you are wondering if coaching is right for you, it's a great place to start.

What challenges can you tackle through email coaching?

While every situation is unique, often some of the challenges are the same. Here's a few suggestions of common struggles that come up in my coaching practice:

  • You are contemplating a career transition
  • You are working with a team and you feel like you are a liability
  • You need to improve your relationship with your boss or a co-worker
  • Your have a big decision ahead of you that is haunting at night
  • You need help saying no and drawing boundaries
  • You can't slow down, but you know you need to
  • You have had a communication breakdown with someone important in your life and don't know how to get back on track
  • You are feeling lonely and don't feel confident enough to reach out to others

My Approach to Email Coaching

As a coach, I ask clarifying questions and re-frame issues so that YOU can make the best decisions possible. It can be very helpful to have an outsider look at your situation from different perspectives and help you gain clarity.

When appropriate, I share my insights from my own journey (both personally and professionally), but I don't tell you what to do.

Instead, I empower you to be courageous and make the brave decision--one that aligns with your authentic self.

You may not be ready to tackle a regularly scheduled live coaching call.

That's a big step for some people. That's okay. I totally get it.

This is why I started email coaching; you are able to ask questions, reflect on my professional response and get that boost you need to get unstuck.

Why do I need you when I can get advice from my friends?

Friends are great! They love to give advice because they care about you.

Unfortunately, they are protective of you and so close to the situation that their judgement may be clouded. They want to keep you safe and happy…and may end up unintentionally preventing you from making the brave decisions you need to make.

The best thing about email coaching is that you gain clarity without having to fit one more thing into your already packed schedule.

What's even better is that you receive a lot of insight into your problem as you are typing it out and explaining it to me. This process alone may help you reframe and reflect on things so that you are able to work towards a solution when you get my reply.

Here's how it works:

  • After you complete your purchase

    You will receive a welcome email from me. Simply read the welcome email and hit reply to get started. I will send you a reminder email the next day if I haven’t heard back from you.

  • I will reply back to you within 48 hours

    This is Reply #1 and it will be a lengthy reply (don’t worry…I am an expert at making emails easy to read).

  • After you have reflected on my reply

    You will email me back with further questions, feedback, insights, etc. I will reply back to you within 48 hours of your second email. This will be Reply #2.

  • If you want more email coaching?

    If you want to dig a bit deeper or move onto a new challenge, I include a link in my second reply to purchase additional coaching time.

Email coaching by Jill is not available at this time.

My schedule is currently full and I'm not able to take any new email coaching clients.

Email me if you are interested, and I will put you on my wait list.