How I realized I was playing small and learned to PLAY BIG.

Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message.

By Tara Mohr.

I had the privilege of meeting Tara Mohr at Emerging Women Live 2014, as well as hear her speak twice.

Two of the concepts she writes about completely transformed my life.

First, she speaks of how brilliant, accomplished women can often hide from truly playing big.  I realized that I use several of the hiding strategies that she talks about.  She told me to take a leap (with very specific parameters) and so I did.  Life altering!

Second, she speaks about a type of fear called Yirah, which speaks to the fear we feel when we are stepping into a bigger space than we have ever experienced.  Oh, how I wish I had known this decades ago.  Knowing that this is a unique type of fear that I should actually be seeking–that I am on the verge of the divine because I am close to my passion–helps me to be brave even when I’m completely overwhelmed.

I want every woman I know to read this book.  Buy a copy for yourself and then buy five extra copies to give away as birthday gifts for the special women in your life.

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