This is what happens when overachievers try to meditate.

this is what happens when overachievers try to meditate.

Hey you…yes you! Are you that person who thinks they are “too busy” and feels like there are never enough hours in the day? I have a great idea for you! Try sitting still for 10 minutes in the morning and do nothing else. Doesn’t that sound great? Aren’t you looking forward to it? NO??? […]

Why sitting down can accelerate an emotional meltdown…

why sitting down

    Think of the last time you were on the verge of losing your sh*t (okay…maybe you actually lost it, but I won’t tell). Chances are, you are not proud of that moment. Whether at work or at home, completely losing control is rarely constructive. I’d love to help you understand what happened and how […]

5 steps to fixing a money disorder


As published in Vancity Buzz on July 12th, 2015. Would you feel comfortable sharing your bank statements with a close friend? Very few people would. Most of us carry guilt and shame around the way we handle our finances. I used to be a bank manager, and the most unsettling part of the job was […]

Achieving Bright Futures Through Modern Psychiatry

bright futures

As published in Huffington Post on July 7th, 2015. Imagine that you are struggling daily with diabetes that you couldn’t get under control. Your blood sugar levels are fluctuating radically, making it impossible to participate in your usual work and family obligations. You would do anything to get your symptoms under control so that you […]

Why do we self-diagnose for everything except THIS?

As published in Vancity Buzz on Friday May 8th, 2015. Think of the last time that you had a really bad cold. Remember how, after endless days of feeling miserable, you began to believe you would feel like that forever? You began to lose perspective on what it felt like to feel healthy.  Coughing, congestion and […]

How to let your body do the talking: Adventures in Etiotherapy

As published in Vancity buzz on April 16th, 2015. Whether you’ve been to a therapist or not, you probably have a picture of what therapy looks like. Chances are, this mental picture involves you sitting in a comfortable chair or reclining on a couch while the therapist asks you probing questions to crack you open. […]

Warning: “Hanging in There” is Destroying Your Health

As Published in Vancity Buzz on January 28th, 2015. Sucking it up is highly overrated. We operate in a society where it seems as if there is some secret committee that hands out awards for people who work through any sickness, embrace sleep depravation or race through the work day without eating. It took me […]

Coming Out to Your Family — About Your Holiday Anxiety!

As published in Huffington Post November 7th 2014. Thanksgiving and Christmas are supposed to be times of joy and laughter, when we embrace the rituals that our families have honored throughout the years. Each family has a unique perspective on what constitutes a real Thanksgiving or Christmas. However, families rarely talk about the amount of anti-depressants […]