3 Unexpected Ways to Escape from Soul-Crushing Obligations

As published in Vancity Buzz December 29th 2014. We have all had that moment. You wake up on a Saturday morning and realize that the day is filled with social obligations that make you want pull the blanket over your head and never emerge. You can blame yourself, your partner or whichever friend or family member coerced you […]

How to Take Charge of Your Emotional Energy at Work

As published in Huffington Post December 16th 2014. Let’s face it. Work takes up a lot of our emotional energy. Add in a difficult colleague, feeling disconnected from your job, or the frustration of being constantly overlooked, and I guarantee that this will carry over into your home life. I recently spoke with Lisa Petrilli, […]

Coming Out to Your Family — About Your Holiday Anxiety!

As published in Huffington Post November 7th 2014. Thanksgiving and Christmas are supposed to be times of joy and laughter, when we embrace the rituals that our families have honored throughout the years. Each family has a unique perspective on what constitutes a real Thanksgiving or Christmas. However, families rarely talk about the amount of anti-depressants […]

5 Career Warning Signs Every Successful Woman Should Know

As published in Huffington Post October 28th 2014. Last December, I walked away from a six-figure job where I managed a billion-dollar book of business in the financial industry. I had nearly killed myself to get that job. It was a major stepping stone to senior management and everything I wanted in a job. I was […]

How To Plan A Happy Weekend

As Published in Live Bold and Bloom  September 26th 2014. Have you ever looked at your schedule for the upcoming weekend and cringed? Two days off of work, and it’s crammed with chores, spillover from work, family duties, and activities that fill you with a sense of dread? You have organized what you need to do, but is […]