Better Relationship Communication Part 3 (video)

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Sometimes we need to talk less.  I love that Esther Perel’s wisdom from Mating in Captivity  flies in the face of conventional relationship wisdom.  In the last video of my relationship communication series, we talk about Esther Perel’s concept of bi-lingual intimacy.  I also reveal a few simple suggestions for quick relationship wins! If you need some […]

Better Relationship Communication Part 2 (video)

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Wow!  It sounds like several of you are trying to avoid assuming intention when talking with your significant other, as a result of Part 1 of this video series. In this video, I talk about my husband’s magic question that he uses to check in with me no matter how busy life gets.  I also […]

4 Relationship Mistakes you Didn’t Know you Were Making

As Published in Vancity Buzz December 17th 2014. Relationship drama is distressing. If you are feeling frustrated with a friend, colleague, or extended family member, chances are this does not cause you to dread going home. But even a tiny disagreement with your significant other can obstruct your ability to recharge at the end of […]