Cheat Sheet: Bedtime Habits to Boost Your Mental Health

Better Bed Habits Cheat Sheet

I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep lately. I have a few sleep-deprived friends with young children, and we’ve been chatting about how much lack of sleep can affect your mental resilience. Most of us are used to going on 6 hours of sleep and wouldn’t consider ourselves sleep deprived. But according to the National […]

Will You Get a Passing Grade for Self-Care?

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Here’s the pattern I have begun to notice about type A personalities and overachievers: We take pride in a lot of our accomplishments, but rarely on how well we take care of ourselves. What if there were gold stars given out for how much sleep you got? What if your corporate bonus was partially dependent […]

Cheat Sheet: Healthy Work Lunches

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I confess: while working in the financial service industry I ate the same thing at lunch for almost 3 years straight. Greek yogurt and granola; hardly enough fuel to last for the long afternoon ahead of me. Now that I work from home, I make myself healthy, substantial lunches and I can’t imagine going back […]

The Secret to Being Happy With What You Eat

As published in The Zeit on April 17th, 2015. We all have THAT friend…you know…the one who has a second helping of dessert and still manages to stay thin??!! When I was struggling to lose weight that I had gained during my undergraduate degree, I remember watching some of my friends with envy. Why did […]

How I Improved My Well-Being by Exercising Less

As Published in The Zeit on February 13th, 2015. You might be doing more harm than good to yourself with your exercise regime. What is your go-to coping mechanism when you are feeling overwhelmed? Dessert? Potato Chips? Wine? Shopping? Netflix marathons? My “drug” of choice used to be exercise. I get that this may seem […]