Whose opinion matters?


No matter what your background, we all have that same memory from our childhood. That time where we were proud of something…until someone made fun of us. When I was in grade 6, I remember saving my money up so I could buy a pair of pink high-top Converse sneakers. I loved those shoes. But […]

How well do you handle uncomfortable emotions?

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Uncomfortable emotions are not fun. Over the years, I’ve ranged from stuffing my feelings down, to lashing out at inappropriate times, to being unable to express what is bothering me…and now I continue to re-assess if my uncomfortable emotions are in line with my values. I’ve shared this Rumi quote before, but I want to […]

Lost in Translation: Are You Wasting Effort in Your Relationships?

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Think of the last time you had a great time with a friend. What was it that was so great? You got to spend time with them doing something that you loved? They make you feel special because of what they said? You had a special little gift that you couldn’t wait to give them…something […]

Want to make a new friend? Follow these 5 simple steps…

Want to make a new friend

A few weeks ago I had a client confess to me that she was feeling a bit lonely. I asked her if she wanted some suggestions for making new friends. Her response was an enthusiastic, “Yes, please!” Out of curiosity, I inquired if she had ever moved as a kid or changed schools. She hadn’t. […]

Why you can’t afford to miss Emerging Women Live 2015

As published in Emerging Women on June 26th, 2015. “How can we go to this? Women just like us! This needs to happen!!!” That was the commentary I sent, along with the link to register for Emerging Women Live 2014, to my buddy Nat on April 5th last year. Little did I know, this was […]

No Time to Connect With Friends? Try This

As published in The Huffington Post on June 11th, 2015. When was the last time you tried to make plans with your best friend? Did it take three attempts with last minute cancellations before you managed to connect? Most women find it difficult to make time for friends amidst the unrelenting demands of work and […]