Do your spending habits align with what’s important to you?

piggy bank

Over the past few years, the Secondhand Therapy community has explored the idea of managing our energy as a precious resource. Ideally, the way we spend our energy aligns with our personal values. Since last summer, I’ve been focused on managing another precious resource (MONEY!) and how it relates to my values.   Learning about […]

It’s okay to stop trying to fix your life…


Have you ever noticed how quickly life seems to go downhill when you’ve lost your mental buffer? Maybe it’s a physical pain (backache, headache, etc.) or exhaustion or emotional circumstances. You are just trying to get through the day, but things keep piling up. You find yourself snapping at your spouse or kids. You have […]

Whose opinion matters?


No matter what your background, we all have that same memory from our childhood. That time where we were proud of something…until someone made fun of us. When I was in grade 6, I remember saving my money up so I could buy a pair of pink high-top Converse sneakers. I loved those shoes. But […]

How well do you handle uncomfortable emotions?

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Uncomfortable emotions are not fun. Over the years, I’ve ranged from stuffing my feelings down, to lashing out at inappropriate times, to being unable to express what is bothering me…and now I continue to re-assess if my uncomfortable emotions are in line with my values. I’ve shared this Rumi quote before, but I want to […]

What to do When Life Throws You a Frightening Curveball

slow down image

“Grace can take you places hustling can’t.”   -Unknown “I don’t get it,” I told my husband on a cold February evening, “What am I missing?” I had just emerged from my most successful quarter ever for my business, and all of a sudden things had ground to a halt. As in, no income that month. Perhaps […]

How to deflate your frustration in less than a minute…

how to deflate your frustration

When’s the last time that you felt frustrated? Yesterday? This morning? Chances are, it isn’t hard to recall a recent irritating moment. Most of the time, those moments involve other people: our children, our co-workers, our spouses. Don’t you wish that you had a cattle prodder magic switch that would change their behavior? Of course […]

Want to make a new friend? Follow these 5 simple steps…

Want to make a new friend

A few weeks ago I had a client confess to me that she was feeling a bit lonely. I asked her if she wanted some suggestions for making new friends. Her response was an enthusiastic, “Yes, please!” Out of curiosity, I inquired if she had ever moved as a kid or changed schools. She hadn’t. […]

This is what happens when overachievers try to meditate.

this is what happens when overachievers try to meditate.

Hey you…yes you! Are you that person who thinks they are “too busy” and feels like there are never enough hours in the day? I have a great idea for you! Try sitting still for 10 minutes in the morning and do nothing else. Doesn’t that sound great? Aren’t you looking forward to it? NO??? […]

The Health Risks of Being a People Pleaser

Dr. Neha

As published in The Huffington Post on January 22nd, 2016. Dr. Neha Sangwan, author of Talk Rx, understands the pressures of trying to please everybody. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, and later attended medical school to become an Internal Medicine Physician, was the result of Dr. Neha following a career path […]