It’s okay to stop trying to fix your life…


Have you ever noticed how quickly life seems to go downhill when you’ve lost your mental buffer? Maybe it’s a physical pain (backache, headache, etc.) or exhaustion or emotional circumstances. You are just trying to get through the day, but things keep piling up. You find yourself snapping at your spouse or kids. You have […]

Why I no longer feel guilty about doing less.


“You cannot get your middle-aged childhood back.” – Anne Lamott Last week, Anne Lamott spoke at Emerging Women Live 2016 about the importance of rest. She reminded us that we need to practice “the divine sacrament of the plop” – of stopping to do nothing on a regular basis. That’s a big stretch for most […]

Cheat Sheet: Bedtime Habits to Boost Your Mental Health

Better Bed Habits Cheat Sheet

I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep lately. I have a few sleep-deprived friends with young children, and we’ve been chatting about how much lack of sleep can affect your mental resilience. Most of us are used to going on 6 hours of sleep and wouldn’t consider ourselves sleep deprived. But according to the National […]

The Health Risks of Being a People Pleaser

Dr. Neha

As published in The Huffington Post on January 22nd, 2016. Dr. Neha Sangwan, author of Talk Rx, understands the pressures of trying to please everybody. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, and later attended medical school to become an Internal Medicine Physician, was the result of Dr. Neha following a career path […]

Achieving Bright Futures Through Modern Psychiatry

bright futures

As published in Huffington Post on July 7th, 2015. Imagine that you are struggling daily with diabetes that you couldn’t get under control. Your blood sugar levels are fluctuating radically, making it impossible to participate in your usual work and family obligations. You would do anything to get your symptoms under control so that you […]

What you missed at TEDxStanleyPark on Saturday

As published in Vancity Buzz on May 26th, 2015. This past Saturday, the Granville Island Stage was packed with 450 people eager to learn about Ideas to Action during TEDxStanleyPark 2015. This TEDx event was distinguished by a phenomenal location, luxury door prizes given away after each talk, two unique variety acts, a few hilarious […]

Why do we self-diagnose for everything except THIS?

As published in Vancity Buzz on Friday May 8th, 2015. Think of the last time that you had a really bad cold. Remember how, after endless days of feeling miserable, you began to believe you would feel like that forever? You began to lose perspective on what it felt like to feel healthy.  Coughing, congestion and […]