It’s okay to stop trying to fix your life…


Have you ever noticed how quickly life seems to go downhill when you’ve lost your mental buffer? Maybe it’s a physical pain (backache, headache, etc.) or exhaustion or emotional circumstances. You are just trying to get through the day, but things keep piling up. You find yourself snapping at your spouse or kids. You have […]

What to do When Life Throws You a Frightening Curveball

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“Grace can take you places hustling can’t.”   -Unknown “I don’t get it,” I told my husband on a cold February evening, “What am I missing?” I had just emerged from my most successful quarter ever for my business, and all of a sudden things had ground to a halt. As in, no income that month. Perhaps […]

How to deflate your frustration in less than a minute…

how to deflate your frustration

When’s the last time that you felt frustrated? Yesterday? This morning? Chances are, it isn’t hard to recall a recent irritating moment. Most of the time, those moments involve other people: our children, our co-workers, our spouses. Don’t you wish that you had a cattle prodder magic switch that would change their behavior? Of course […]

How to Fend Off Burnout: Advice from Vicki Saunders

how to fend off burnout

As published in the Huffington Post Most of us behave as if our energy is an inexhaustible resource. We push ourselves and expect that if we crash and burn, we will rebound again after a little rest. But what if you were only allocated a certain amount of energy that needed to last for your […]

Why sitting down can accelerate an emotional meltdown…

why sitting down

    Think of the last time you were on the verge of losing your sh*t (okay…maybe you actually lost it, but I won’t tell). Chances are, you are not proud of that moment. Whether at work or at home, completely losing control is rarely constructive. I’d love to help you understand what happened and how […]

How are you spending your time?

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When was the last time you wished there was more time in each day? I don’t want to feel like I have to optimize every minute in the day. I’m just trying to figure out if there is a simple change or two that I can make to reclaim some wasted time in my day. […]

How to Break Free and Make the Brave Choice

As Published in Vancity Buzz on February 19th, 2015. When you feel stuck, it takes all your effort to keep your head above water. It is no way to live for any length of time. It may be a job that is sucking the life out of you, a relationship that you know needs to […]

Warning: “Hanging in There” is Destroying Your Health

As Published in Vancity Buzz on January 28th, 2015. Sucking it up is highly overrated. We operate in a society where it seems as if there is some secret committee that hands out awards for people who work through any sickness, embrace sleep depravation or race through the work day without eating. It took me […]

The Zen of Saying No

As published in Vancity Buzz January 19th, 2015. Think of how much simpler your life would become: I think that you should…  No. Are you free to join us…  No. I was hoping you would help me with…  No. If you are a people pleaser, those scenarios probably seem traumatic to you. The thought of responding […]

3 Unexpected Ways to Escape from Soul-Crushing Obligations

As published in Vancity Buzz December 29th 2014. We have all had that moment. You wake up on a Saturday morning and realize that the day is filled with social obligations that make you want pull the blanket over your head and never emerge. You can blame yourself, your partner or whichever friend or family member coerced you […]