10 Mind-Blowing Lessons from Badass Women You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

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Have you ever listened to someone speak, and the truth in their message shook you to your core? It’s a rare moment, but you can probably recall someone you watched live, listened to on the radio or on a podcast, or saw on television that challenged your way of thinking. That moment when you paused, reassessed, and decided […]

Better Relationship Communication Part 3 (video)

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Sometimes we need to talk less.  I love that Esther Perel’s wisdom from Mating in Captivity  flies in the face of conventional relationship wisdom.  In the last video of my relationship communication series, we talk about Esther Perel’s concept of bi-lingual intimacy.  I also reveal a few simple suggestions for quick relationship wins! If you need some […]

5 Minute Sex Therapy for the Busy Woman

As published in Huffington Post on April 8th, 2015. We’ve all, at some point, gone through a rough patch in our sex lives. You may have confessed your struggles to your girlfriends over brunch (à la “Sex and the City”), or you may have kept this to yourself. Even if you were brave enough to […]