Why I no longer feel guilty about doing less.


“You cannot get your middle-aged childhood back.” – Anne Lamott Last week, Anne Lamott spoke at Emerging Women Live 2016 about the importance of rest. She reminded us that we need to practice “the divine sacrament of the plop” – of stopping to do nothing on a regular basis. That’s a big stretch for most […]

Will You Get a Passing Grade for Self-Care?

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Here’s the pattern I have begun to notice about type A personalities and overachievers: We take pride in a lot of our accomplishments, but rarely on how well we take care of ourselves. What if there were gold stars given out for how much sleep you got? What if your corporate bonus was partially dependent […]

This is what happens when overachievers try to meditate.

this is what happens when overachievers try to meditate.

Hey you…yes you! Are you that person who thinks they are “too busy” and feels like there are never enough hours in the day? I have a great idea for you! Try sitting still for 10 minutes in the morning and do nothing else. Doesn’t that sound great? Aren’t you looking forward to it? NO??? […]

Cheat Sheet: Healthy Work Lunches

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I confess: while working in the financial service industry I ate the same thing at lunch for almost 3 years straight. Greek yogurt and granola; hardly enough fuel to last for the long afternoon ahead of me. Now that I work from home, I make myself healthy, substantial lunches and I can’t imagine going back […]

3 Ways You May be Sabotaging Yourself at Work (and what to do about it).


As published in The Huffington Post on December 29th, 2015. The past few years have brought forth some distinct women’s voices that question the working woman’s reality. Sheryl Sandberg challenged us to “take a seat at the table” in Lean In. Arianna Huffington redefined success beyond money and power in Thrive. Susan Cain taught us […]

Why We Choose to Be Erotic at Work and Not at Home


As published in The Huffington Post on December 17th, 2015. Last October, I heard Esther Perel tell a conference room full of women that, “We are willing to be erotic at work and then numb at home.” Some of the audience sat stunned, some winced, and some nodded in agreement. It was a hard hitting truth — […]

How to Fend Off Burnout: Advice from Vicki Saunders

how to fend off burnout

As published in the Huffington Post Most of us behave as if our energy is an inexhaustible resource. We push ourselves and expect that if we crash and burn, we will rebound again after a little rest. But what if you were only allocated a certain amount of energy that needed to last for your […]

10 Mind-Blowing Lessons from Badass Women You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

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Have you ever listened to someone speak, and the truth in their message shook you to your core? It’s a rare moment, but you can probably recall someone you watched live, listened to on the radio or on a podcast, or saw on television that challenged your way of thinking. That moment when you paused, reassessed, and decided […]

No Time to Connect With Friends? Try This

As published in The Huffington Post on June 11th, 2015. When was the last time you tried to make plans with your best friend? Did it take three attempts with last minute cancellations before you managed to connect? Most women find it difficult to make time for friends amidst the unrelenting demands of work and […]