Empowering People to Make Brave Decisions Outside of Traditional Therapy.

Hi! I'm Jill Dahl, Founder of Secondhand Therapy.


Does the hustle of everyday life leave you juggling many different roles and struggling to find time for yourself?

Are you in a tricky situation that you can't escape because you are frozen by fear?

Have you lost sight of yourself, your confidence, and what you value?

If you are nodding your head in agreement, you're in the right place.

You want help and need to see some results to get unstuck.

You need to feel empowered, brave, and courageous.

But you just don't have the money, time, or energy to invest in traditional therapy sessions.

Traditional therapy is great, but not if you aren't ready for the investment and the commitment.

Secondhand Therapy is a non-traditional approach that will give you valuable insight into who you are and what makes you tick. In this program, you don't need to commit to the intensity of ongoing therapy sessions. No need to fear coming undone or falling apart.

Secondhand Therapy will give you the courage to make brave decisions and pursue your secret dreams (even if you don't know what those are yet!).

Do you find yourself:

  • Contemplating a career transition
  • Feeling that you are defective somehow. You keep telling yourself, "If only I could stop X, things would be better."
  • Having challenges with a boss or co-worker that is affecting your ability to stay sane
  • Struggling with a sense of dissatisfaction in your life. Everything looks good on paper, but you are secretly miserable
  • Agonizing over a big decision ahead of you and it's keeping you awake at nights
  • Trapped in your current situation. Fear is preventing you from taking that next step.
  • Avoiding a difficult conversation that needs to happen at work or at home, but you don't know where to start
  • Unable to regain your confidence. You've heard too many No's or you can't recover from a bad experience

I understand. I've been there. Let's work through it together.

  • 5 Day Email Coaching Program

    Not ready for coaching? On a tight budget? I’ve got a DIY solution for you! So many of my clients are stuck because there is a tough conversation that they need to have, but they’ve been avoiding it. This 5 day email coaching program will focus on building your skills and preparing you to have that big talk. Expect to feel a whole lot calmer and more at peace. Click here for program details…

  • Individual Email Coaching

    You are stuck, but you aren’t necessarily wanting to dive into a full coaching relationship over the phone. You just want a quick boost to get you past this challenge. Or maybe you just really like having extra time to process information. OR you hate talking to people because it’s what you do 24/7. Have you ever considered emailing for some solid coaching insights? This coaching package is designed to tackle your biggest challenge, providing insights and re-framing the issue to help you determine what your brave decision needs to be. Click here for program details…

  • Phone Coaching Sessions

    This is my favorite way to start working with people. After a free introductory call to make sure that we are a good fit for each other (because it’s all about trusting who you work with!), we make quick progress in your first session or two. Because, chances are you are an overachiever and if you can get results quickly you are a happy camper. I get it. Coaching delivered via phone or Skype…whichever you prefer. My schedule is currently full, but please contact me via email and I will put you on my wait list!

What exactly is "secondhand therapy" ???

Years ago, I was in the midst of a very intense journey with my beloved therapist. It was painful but liberating. I thought that everyone should go to see a therapist so they could have the same amazing insights. But it turns out that there's a lot of people who are terrified of working with a therapist.

So I started proactively sharing what I learned in my therapy sessions. Soon my friends and colleagues started asking, "What does your therapist say about THIS?"

One of my best buddies would call me asking for some "secondhand therapy" and she joked I should write a book with that title.

Eventually Secondhand Therapy was born: you get the benefit of the insights I gained during therapy, but you don't have to do the agonizing work. The learning curve has been shortened for you!

Most therapists do not have any experience in the corporate world. My decade of climbing the corporate ladder in the financial world has had a significant impact on how I coach. I get the realities of the politics, towing the company line, inter-personal conflicts, and chasing after that next promotion. I consider myself a recovering type triple-A personality, and I often bond with my clients over the realization that working harder rarely improves a bad situation.

To be clear, I work as a coach and mentor; I am not a licensed therapist. If you are struggling with addiction, mental illness or trauma from the past, I have some resources for you to find the help you need.

Here's what my clients are saying:

"Jill helped me to gain valuable insights and greater self-awareness around my core strengths. My focus and vision have changed significantly and increased tremendously as a result of our coaching sessions. You should work with Jill if you are looking to grow yourself and grow your career, while having assistance in determining, establishing and executing next steps. When you work with Jill you will become more courageous."

- Client who contacted me to gain more confidence in her working relationship with her boss

“Secondhand Therapy has created a way to make therapy inviting and approachable: She guides us to be our own therapist at our own pace and in our own depth! In a revolutionary approach to creating self-awareness, Jill Dahl offers access to 'wading into the shallow end' of the pool, rather than pushing us in or making us take a deep dive. I got my toes wet, felt refreshed and wanted more of a swim. Jill has created a gateway into discovering bite-size morsels of wisdom about why we react the way we do to things now, born of patterns which were established often when we were very young and trying to make inferences about how the world works. She guides us to recognize the roots of today’s resistance and how to give ourselves what we need now to feel whole and choose a different future approach. I highly recommend [her] online series and Jill herself as a caring, open, and skilled coach."

- Katy Hansell

"Jill helped me to anchor a sense of purpose and identity…like an inner compass. She helped me to build awareness and learn how to modulate coping mechanisms for stress. As a result, I am now more attuned to things that are energy drivers for me. You should work with Jill if you are looking for a sense of perspective, or need to identify/connect with your core strengths and energy sources. You will love her friendly and constructive feedback!"

- Client who is in the process of a career transition

"I want to thank you for all of your help and insight. You've helped me get to the realization that I am, in fact, ready to move on and that it's about time to invest in myself. So again, thank you so much for this opportunity and for being the voice I needed to hear … your advice and insights have given me the confidence to let myself grow and for that I will be forever grateful!"

- Client who needed help with friendship/colleague struggles